Benefits of

Home Health Care

Why is home health care vastly preferred and what are its benefits? Read on to find out what.

Psychiatric Home Health Care

ImageKeystone Healthcare Inc. also serves individuals with mental illness. We use a team approach comprised of psychiatrists, physician, nurses, occupational therapists, medical social workers and nurse’s aides to care holistically for the patient. After an initial assessment by a qualified nurse, a plan of care (POC)is developed with patient and or family participation.

The POC is approved and supervised by the patient’s psychiatrist/physician until discharged from care. Depending on specific needs, the POC may include teaching, counseling by a qualified psychiatric nurse, medication administration/injections, and helping families with strategies to care for their loved ones.
Occupational Therapists may help the mentally ill to improve their ability to perform tasks in their daily living, motor functions and also compensate for permanent loss of function.

Medical Social Worker offers guidance/counseling to patients/families as they deal with terminal illnesses. They also link patients up with community resources – (i.e.) food stamps, entitlements, transportation etc.

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